An Telemedicine Engagement Plan For Success

TelaCare has the leading utilization rate in the telemedicine industry. How do we do it? By creating and implementing a highly effective, customized engagement program for you and your employees to increase awareness and engagement. That means our clients save more, with less work for their human resources departments. In fact, we’re so certain of our solution and implementation that we even offer a savings guarantee. For our self-funded clients, we guarantee that the money saved from diverted health care visits will be greater than the cost of our solution.

Our engagement program is part of what sets TelaCare apart. And it’s how we can get such high utilization rates. 

We don’t depend on your HR team - they may have other priorities. We don’t distribute the same generic brochures to everyone - we customize and cobrand all materials. We don’t stop the campaign after enrollment - we continue to communicate with employees to build awareness and education. 

We actually take the time to learn about your company and your employees. We use this knowledge to make sure our communications are tailored and effective for you. This means our solution is top-of-mind when your employees need medical care, so we can drive higher savings and engagement. 

Our Savings Guarantee

Implementing TelaCare is essentially risk-free. We know that our solution can drive savings for you, which is why we offer a guarantee. 

For self-funded companies, our solution will save you more in diverted health care claims than the cost of the solution. If the savings don’t outweigh the costs, we will either credit the difference to future months or issue a refund, if you choose not to renew. That’s how confident we are in our solution and communication strategies.

Why Our Company is Different

Many telemedicine plans are provided by major medical insurance companies. But not us. We want to help drive the change in healthcare towards consumerism. Getting appropriate medical care shouldn’t be as expensive and inconvenient as it is right now. 

That’s why we see ourselves as a service company. We are in the service of providing convenient and affordable care. We want to help you provide a valuable benefit to your employees that can also impact your bottom line.

We want your employees to actually use the benefit, which is why we include a robust communication and engagement plan in our implementation. There are no extra costs or fees, and no heavy lifting from your HR team. We develop and execute the plan, and we serve as the primary contact for your employees if they have questions. 

Our Communication Strategy

As soon as you sign up with TelaCare, we start work on our four step engagement plan, including on-boarding, education, awareness, and reinforcement. These four steps ensure a successful and highly-utilized solution. 

On-boarding: The first step is on-boarding the employees. We develop a co-branded welcome kit, including wallet and key chain cards, to mail to the employees’ home addresses. The kit also includes all printed materials they need for enrollment. Employees can begin to use their telemedicine program by simply by calling our 888 number.

Education: Our education phase includes 8 multi-media touch points for all employees in the first 60 days of the program. They’ll learn how and when to use telemedicine, as well as how using our solution can save them time and money. These touch points will explain how telemedicine fits into a robust health care plan. Our communications will answer all their questions about the program. We even use many different media forms to reach more employees, no matter how they like to get their information.

Awareness: The communication doesn’t stop after 60 days. We continue to send seasonal emails to drive awareness of the solution. Besides promoting telemedicine, these emails will provide useful tips to help prevent and treat common illnesses and injuries. This helps us build a trusting relationship with your employees.

Reinforcement: We don’t want employees to forget about this benefit, so we work to engage with them periodically throughout the year. For example, we might send reminder postcards or attend your health and benefits fairs. We want our solution to be the first thing your employees consider when they need quick, convenient medical care.

High engagement drives savings

Other telemedicine solutions may have lower per-employee-per-month (PEPM) fees, but their low utilization rates mean you may still spend more than you save. TelaCare is the only telemedicine provider with a savings guarantee. 

How are we so confident? Because of our robust employee communication plan. We work throughout the year to educate and build awareness of our solution with your employees. We view it as our job to drive utilization of our solution, which is why we hold ourselves accountable to the results. We want you and your employees to continue to drive savings and value from telemedicine.

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