As a Small Business Should I Offer TelaCare to My Employees?

Over the years, TelaCare has begun to transform how (SMBs) small to midsize businesses provide healthcare benefits to their employees. This is a service that more employers are including to employees to attract and retain their workforce in a competitive job market. As you will learn you may want to include TelaCare in your companies benefits as well.

Providing outpatient medical care remotely

TelaCare utilizes modern communications technologies to provide patients with remote access to healthcare services. It’s primarily used for outpatient services, where there isn’t a need for hands-on care. For example, patients might make TelaCare appointments if they have a cough, fever, stomach issues or simply need to speak with a therapist who can help them through a personal hardship.

The definition of TelaCare encompasses both phone conversations and online video chats, medical providers have technically been able to offer these services for some time over the phone. The increase in video chat’s popularity, however, has rapidly accelerated the adoption of these services.

Helping employers control health benefits costs

For employers, TelaCare can help mitigate increasing health insurance plan costs. TelaCare appointments are for less than comparable in-office, urgent care or ER services, which means insurance companies don’t have to pay providers as much for claims. This savings helps insurers keep premiums more affordable for employers and employees, ultimately lowering both parties’ premium payments.

Because health insurance group plan premiums are so high, any way they can be kept in check is welcome by employers. The average annual health insurance premium for an employer-sponsored family plan was $19,616 in 2019, and employers commonly ended up paying around $14,069 of this for each employee who had a family plan. With TelaCare, the cost is less than 1 percent of that with an average annual cost for an employer paid family plan was only $108 and no additional out-of-pocket costs to the employer or employee.

The advantages that TelaCare can offer employers is confirmed by how many small to midsize businesses have chosen to include it in their benefits services. There has been nearly a 50-percent increase in the number of employers who have offered TelaCare in the past several years.

Providing convenient care for employees

For employees, the benefits of TelaCare are obvious. In addition to any financial cost saving incentives offered by offering or using TelaCaret, it’s far easier to get treatment remotely than by going to an primary, urgent care or ER. This is especially true when seeking after-hours care, trying to manage childcare and/or work needs, when living in a remote location, or during inclement weather.

TelaCare isn’t right for every situation, but it’s a very attractive option when it’s a viable and medically responsible one.

The total number of TelaCare appointments continues to grow – with an average of just over 56 percent usage in one dataset - the numbers suggest that employees are quickly making the switch to the more convenient care with TelaCare.

Deciding for your small business health insurance group plan

Determining whether TelaCare is a service that your business should include in its employer-sponsored small business benefits plan is ultimately a decision that you must make based on the specific circumstances surrounding your business and employees. Keep in mind, though, that providing any extra benefits (and especially benefits that employees use) could help your business attract more quality employees, improve overall employee satisfaction and reduce annual turnover.

For help assessing your business’ situation and whether TelaCare makes sense for your employees, contact one of our knowledgeable agents. TelaCare agents are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST and would be happy to help you make a decision that’s right for your company.

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