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TelaCare ( is among one of the fastest growing telemedicine companies in the nation. Specializing in telephone and video medical consultations, providing access to affordable, convenient care from board certified doctors and pediatricians anywhere in the United States. TelaCare’s service allows members to quickly receive non-emergency care without having to wait to see a primary physician, urgent care clinic, or emergency room.

TelaCare is focusing on technology and user experience to fill the current gap in access to non-emergency, around-the-clock medical care. TelaCare members and their dependents can speak to primary care doctors via a telephone or video call to diagnose non-emergency medical problems 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. TelaCare’s national physicians’ association is licensed in all 50 states, including Puerto Rico. They can diagnose medical conditions, recommend treatments, and prescribe medications if necessary. They work with employers of all sizes and general public, whether or not they are insured. 

Currently, many people resort to costly urgent care centers or other high-acuity sites of care when they have a non-emergency medical condition. “Patients have very few cost- or time-efficient options if they get sick in the middle of the night or on weekends”, says Larry Jones, founder, chairman and CEO of TelaCare. “With TelaCare, there is a quick, easy and affordable alternative.”

70 to 75 percent of non-emergency medical cases can be accurately diagnosed and cared for over the phone. This means patients using TelaCare can quickly get the answers and care they need for the majority of their medical concerns. And since all TelaCare doctors can write prescriptions and send them directly to the patient’s pharmacy, patients can begin to take any necessary medication almost immediately and have a faster recovery.

TelaCare’s founder, Larry Jones, wanted to focus on user experience and functionality. And it shows in TelaCare’s solution and most recent interview with Telemedicine Magazine editor Logan Plaster Telemedicine’s Next Wave Belongs to the Programmers.

With an easy single sign-on and registration experience, members can start using their benefit the same day they sign up. Additionally, TelaCare accepts ACH, Check and all major credit and debit cards. Users are guaranteed a call from a board-certified primary care physician within two hours, although the average response time is 10 to 20 minutes. There is a 24-hour member helpline available in both English and Spanish. At sign-up, users are prompted to provide their medical history. It documents chronic illnesses, family history, current medications, and allergies. This record is accessed by the physician prior to any consultation, so the physician can quickly research the patient’s medical history. All services are HIPAA-compliant and consults are only shared with the patients primary care doctor if requested.

End users weren’t the only people that Larry Jones thought about when designing this solution. Larry made TelaCare easy for benefits administrators and human resources professionals as well. From implementation to administration to employee engagement, TelaCare has made their solution simple. And they’ll help you every step of the way. 

Most telemedicine companies have an abysmal utilization rate of under 7% not TelaCare. Brokers and employers alike, want to ensure that they're in-the-know on all critical healthcare trends. TelaCare understands and knows that high utilization telemedicine benefits are the future of healthcare. Employers will rely on TelaCare to help them save money and provide their employees with valuable, high quality benefits. 

This makes TelaCare a great way for employers to provide a valuable benefit to their employees without any hassle. “TelaCare not only saves money for all size employer groups, but also has a positive impact on employee productivity and satisfaction with existing health benefits packages,” states Jones. 

There are other telemedicine companies and concepts on the market, but TelaCare stands apart for its utilization rate and licensed physicians. Many medical plans offer “Nurse Lines”, where patients talk to a nurse instead of a doctor. "While some companies may be offering nurse telephone consultations, which are often provided to them at very low or no cost by their managed care organizations, the utilization and value of that type of service is less than optimal," says Jones. "Very often, the nurse has to refer the patient to a doctor, and as a result, the individual remains in the same predicament - without a diagnosis or prescription." 

That’s why Jones founded TelaCare as an affordable, convenient way to access physicians. TelaCare both fills a gap in current medical care access and helps reduce costs. Membership is inexpensive - just pennies a day, and there is no copay for a consultation. There are 325 million Americans, with and without insurance, that need access to care. “With the escalating costs of family coverage likely to keep the ranks of the uninsured growing to as many as 56 million people by 2020, TelaCare provides easy, inexpensive access to quality medical care," says Jones. 

TelaCare is changing how Americans access their medical care. And they continue to innovate. They currently have kiosks in pharmacies to measure biometrics, and they are developing low-cost at-home biometrics kits that will enable their physicians to broaden their scope of care.

"As telephone and video technology evolves, recording vital signs, the scope of our physician consults will become broader," states Jones. "TelaCare is America's answer to rising healthcare costs. It saves people time and money and represents an important key to information-age ease-of-doctor access." 

About TelaCare 

TelaCare is a privately held, Ohio corporation founded in 2009. TelaCare P.A. is a national physicians' association licensed in 50 states, providing consumer members affordable, around-the-clock access to telephone and video consults with trained primary care doctors who diagnose medical problems and, when necessary, prescribe medications.

TelaCare Guarantee

For self-insured companies, TelaCare guarantees that our telemedicine benefit will never cost a penny. We are the only telemedicine provider that guarantees that your savings will exceed the cost of services.

We are so confident that your employees will love to use our service, if we don't save our clients more than the cost of our service, we will refund the difference. It's as simple as that.

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