Custom Workplace Wellness Solutions and Services

Corporate wellness strategy design and implementation

We design, communicate, and execute corporate wellness programs that align with your company’s culture, budget, and health profile to maximize employee engagement and sustained health improvements.

Health risk assessment

Data from our health assessment gives employers insight into the collective health and risk stratification of their employee population to help inform workplace wellness program initiatives and introduce measures to help manage and reduce health risks and unhealthy behaviors.

Wellness audit

Our proprietary Wellness Audit helps gauge clients’ wellness status relative to leading industry trends, establish a benchmark for ongoing assessment, define corporate wellness program goals and desired outcomes, measure progression, and evaluate the return on investment.

Virtual biometric health screenings

TelaCare One maintains a proprietary, extensive network of licensed healthcare providers who provide virtual biometric health screenings nationwide to identify employees at risk for certain diseases or medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity. Individual employee data is used to help inform the next steps for improving the individual’s health and wellness profile. Aggregate, de-identified data is used by employers to evaluate the effectiveness of the corporate wellness program.

Electronic data capture

TelaCare One was among the first biometric health screening provider to develop an electronic data capture platform years ago. Our HIPPA compliant proprietary EDC system is used by leading industry organizations seeking efficient data collection and reporting.

Integrated health and wellness web portal

Unlike other health portals that focus primarily on wellness, our TelaCare One Health Portal is the industry’s leading portal that links wellness and health benefits through applications such as wellness workshops and challenges, claims analysis and reporting, nutrition and health counseling, health outcomes tracking, health risk assessment, and incentive campaign management.

Health improvement coaching, seminars, and workshops

TelaCare One health coaching services are customized to address the specific health risks identified during employees’ initial health risk assessments and biometric health screenings and are available online via video, or over the phone. Our health coaching program is designed to support ongoing health improvement and provide education and motivation for lasting behavior change.

Wellness program communication app for IOS and Android

We recognize that ongoing communication and targeted messaging is essential to the success of your corporate wellness program. Our TelaCare One communication app helps keep employees informed and engaged through custom, timely notifications, a record of participation and completion of crucial wellness activities, and a security question and answer feature.

Incentive design, compliance, and management

We work with you to design and administer a custom incentive strategy tailored to your employee population’s unique health and wellness needs to increase employee acceptance, motivation, and participation. Our intuitive, easy-to-use incentive tracking system helps keep employees engaged. Our team of Affordable Care Act certified experts also ensure legal compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Outcomes reporting and ROI analysis

We understand that your corporate wellness program is an investment and is committed to providing comprehensive outcomes reports to evaluate the success of your plan. We report on the following metrics to help you assess your workplace wellness initiatives: satisfaction, participation, health impact, organizational support, financial outcomes, and productivity and performance.

Contact us to learn more about a corporate wellness program for your business.

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