Make Telemedicine Providers Accountable For Results

How did your last telemedicine implementation go? What kind of results did or are you getting? Do you even really know what results you are getting? With most providers, you were probably given access to an online repository of fliers and brochures to use. All the human resources department had to do was pick something, download it, and send it to employees. Seems easy, right? But when you got the reports back on usage, you may have noticed the results weren’t great.

A Few Canned Emails Isn’t Enough

For many employees, telemedicine is a brand new benefit and a brand new way of thinking about healthcare. A few emails during on-boarding won’t be enough to get them to change their routines. They’ll do the same things they always have: visiting their primary care physician or an expensive urgent care clinic for minor medical needs. And if the benefit isn’t being used, the company isn’t saving any money from diverted healthcare costs.

To drive utilization of telemedicine, consistent and repeated messaging is needed throughout the year to increase awareness and education about the benefit.

Unfortunately, most telemedicine companies fall short. They don’t provide proper messaging and communication, and HR teams will have other competing priorities. And they may not have the telemedicine expertise to create a successful communication campaign. That’s why so many other telemedicine companies, even industry leaders like Teladoc and MDLive, have such low utilization rates. 

Accountability is Key

We don’t believe it’s the employer’s or the employer’s HR team’s job to ensure a successful telemedicine program. It should be the provider’s responsibility. But right now, most telemedicine companies don’t have any skin in the game. They charge a simple per-employee-per-month fee, no matter the utilization rate or outcomes. 

That’s where TelaCare is different. We believe in our solution and our engagement programs, which is why we offer a savings guarantee. If we don’t save your company more in diverted healthcare claims than the cost of the benefit, we will refund the difference. This holds us accountable to your program’s success.

Our Communication Plans Deliver Results

To drive savings, TelaCare focuses on customer service and engagement. It’s no use having a great solution if no one’s using it! That’s why we develop and implement a customized, 12-month communication campaign for your employees. It’s designed specifically for your workforce, with their needs in mind. Plus, we’ll do most of the hard work ourselves, since we’re accountable for the results. You’ll get a report on results every quarter, so you can see exactly how the campaign and solution are performing.

Our communication strategy keeps us top-of-mind for your workforce when they have medical needs. We use multiple formats and media types over the entire year to reach more employees ad maximize our impact. 

Changing how people view medical care isn’t easy, so a few emails on telemedicine isn’t going to be enough. We need to build awareness and reinforce its benefits throughout the year. Our communication plans are designed for this, so we can help change healthcare and save money for you and your employees.

Trust the Experts

Telemedicine should be able to change the landscape of healthcare today - if only people would actually use it. Unfortunately, many solutions rely on busy HR departments to drive engagement. The low utilization rates of most telemedicine programs proves this isn’t working.

Telemedicine is a great solution that can drive real savings for the employees and employer, all while making medical care more convenient. But to realize these savings, employees need educated, aware, and engaged with their telemedicine solution.

You need a strong communication plan that’s implemented for you, by a company that’s accountable to the results: TelaCare. For more information on how TelaCare can drive savings, contact us today!

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