TelaCare Adds Medical Specialty Services to Provide Greater Access and More Health Care Options to Patients

FISHERS, Ind., Sept. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- TelaCare, one of the fastest growing telemedicine companies, announced today that it has added unlimited access to board certified Pharmacists, Dentists, Optometrists, Dietitians, Sports Medicine and Alternative Medicine professionals. These specialties will provide unlimited no additional cost consultations in addition to its telehealth services on TelaCare, one of the fastest growing telemedicine companies. Patients can now easily get their medical questions answered in an array of specialties and thus become more informed, more confident decision makers. TelaCare's mission is to empower individuals and families to take more control of their health while saving in this overpriced health care market.

"Many Americans are without access to quality care today, and now for the first time ever, patients seeking virtual care will have even greater access and more care options thanks to this unique specialty offering from TelaCare," said Larry Jones, CEO, TelaCare. "Primary Care Physicians, Behavioral Counseling and now Pharmacists, Dentists, Optometrists, Dietitians, Sports Medicine and Alternative Medicine professionals are further integrated into the TelaCare system, supporting our approach to patient-centered health care and enabling members to benefit from a closed-loop continuum of care."

This is a unique opportunity to combine additional specialty medical services in the telemedicine industry. This will continue to remove barriers, drive engagement and enable consumers to take charge of their own health care decisions. This addition supports TelaCare's strategy for rapid growth into new and fast-growing market segments. The positive impact of telemedicine on our health care system has fueled rapid adoption across all market segments.

"Adding these additional telemedicine services to our patients at no additional charge helps us to build upon our goal of offering a broad suite of solutions to our employer and health plan partners, all with a common goal of providing consumers with better access to high quality care at a lower cost," added Jones.

About TelaCare Health Solutions, LLC
TelaCare Health Solutions, LLC and TelaCare transforms healthcare delivery through telemedicine. TelaCare is forging a new healthcare experience with an innovative portfolio of virtual care delivery solutions. We make online doctor visits accessible to everyone for acute care issues like colds or infections, and chronic condition management, such as diabetes or depression. TelaCare can treat 90% of the conditions most commonly seen in the ER and urgent care, dramatically lowering healthcare costs. We deliver healthcare into people's homes and workplaces through employers, as well as our telehealth app, TelaCare. A patient using TelaCare can connect to a board-certified doctor of their choosing in just minutes for a visit carried out over smartphone, tablet, kiosk, phone, or desktop.

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