TelaCare is the First Telemedicine Company to Add a No Additional Cost Nationwide Behavioral Health Platform

FISHERS, Ind., Aug. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- TelaCare, a national telehealth technology and services company, announced today that it has added behavioral health services in addition to its telehealth services on TelaCare, one of the fastest growing telemedicine companies according to Telemedicine Magazine. Patients can now speak to U.S. board-certified counselors on the TelaCare app via scheduled appointments. They're finding doctors who can treat them at any time and any place, in the comfort of their own homes – through video conferencing, text messaging, even specialized apps that enable users to get the information they need at a moment of crisis.

"Every year one in four people will deal with a mental health disorder, yet less than half of these individuals will actually receive treatment. Mental healthcare is in desperate need of real solutions and TelaCare can bridge that gap. Unlike other telemedicine providers who charge an additional consult fee for this type of service, we will provide it at no additional charge to our members, said TelaCare's CEO Larry Jones. It has become one of the most successful of all the telemedicine applications because its practitioners don't need to touch their patients to treat them."

TelaCare's behavioral health services is available to all current and future members. Immediate access to a licensed therapist will be available nationwide September 1, 2017. This will also make TelaCare's reach larger than its competitors and less expensive.

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About TelaCare's Behavioral Health Services

Most people experience some personal or family distress in the course of their lives. Professional assistance helps to ensure successful management of personal challenges. TelaCare counselors will provide confidential, unlimited telephonic consultation, counseling and referral services for members including: depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, and other life stressors. In addition, counseling addresses a broad range of issues and is appealing because it offers timely, accessible services without an "out-of- pocket" expense to the individual. Visits are traditionally 45 minutes but can be made longer or shorter and are available 24/7.

About TelaCare Health Solutions, LLC

TelaCare Health Solutions, LLC and TelaCare transforms healthcare delivery through telehealth. We make online doctor visits accessible to everyone for acute care issues like colds or infections, and chronic condition management, such as diabetes or depression. We deliver healthcare into people's homes and workplaces through employers, as well as our telehealth app, TelaCare. A patient using TelaCare can connect to a board-certified doctor of their choosing in just minutes for a visit carried out over smartphone, tablet, kiosk, phone, or desktop.

TelaCare Health Solutions, LLC and TelaCare are registered trademarks in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners. For more information on our services, visit To download TelaCare and have a doctor visit now, visit

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