Your Carriers Telemedicine Could Cost You over $500K

You wouldn't buy electronics from the dollar store, right? Of course not, because you know the old saying is always true - you get what you pay for. Not only does cheaper often translate to poorer quality, but it only ends up costing you more money in the long run from having to replace that terrible product that doesn't last as long or as well as the more expensive alternative.

The same logic applies to telemedicine. What's often said by employers to their consultants is that there are benefits included in major medical plans at no extra cost. What's frequently overlooked, however, is that these "free" embedded benefits can cost a company of 2,000 employees at least $500,000 in avoidable healthcare costs if these benefits were used. Why is this?

Well, while including these benefits passes itself off as giving employees access to doctors, since the purpose of telemedicine is to eliminate the need for in-person doctor visits, only 1% of telemedicine solutions are acted upon. It's safe to say that this barely provides any positive outcome for companies regarding avoidable healthcare claims. When used correctly, however, telemedicine has a substantial impact on employee healthcare.

What's important is removing barriers, offering accountability, and making sure clients are aware of this. Immeasurable values are provided by you, the benefits consultant, so these clients understand the benefit of high utilization rates, therefore making them see the importance of implementing them into their strategic benefits plan.

The Importance of Caring

TelaCare uses an alternative approach to providing telemedicine compared to other major medical carriers. With our highly-rated client service, we know that removing barriers and educating employees is the best way to change behaviors on how people use their benefits.

The biggest blockade? How easily accessible these benefits are. You know that to get anyone interested in trying something new, you must make it seem simple and easy to understand to be able to peak their interest in the first place. How simple is it to use Telacare Health Solutions? As easy as having a phone. Then, you can chat with any US-based doctor or physician in mere minutes.

The second issue that acts as a barrier in using telemedicine? Cost. TelaCare makes a point that employees absolutely deserve a zero cost, zero hassle access to healthcare. Both employees and employers will see the immediate savings from being able to avoid costly doctor visits once these benefits are used effectively.

We know it isn't enough to just plop a phone number on the back of an ID card and pass around a bunch of paperwork and open enrollment information in the hopes that every single employee will study it and know what to do come the time that sickness hits. To change behaviors, we must constantly communicate in a way that is customized to each individual workplace. We work with clients to form unique, year-long communication game plans to drive active engagement. Give TelaCare a try for even 60 days to see the unquestionable benefits.


Benefit utilization data is often hidden or buried in reports you're likely to never see with regular carrier-embedded healthcare solutions. What's worse? Not being able to use your healthcare benefits or not even knowing you had the chance to receive them in the first place?

TelaCare quarterly provides extensive utilization reports to ensure awareness of the value being created. You probably won't even need these reports, since you'll know from your own employees how great the service is.


We pride ourselves on driving utilization rates 6 times higher than the industry average, and 4 times higher than our closest competitor. You want to partner with a company that prioritizes quality service to increase use and engagement to drive savings. At TelaCare, we're so confident our approach will create value for your company, we contractually guarantee that you will see more savings from avoided doctor visits than the cost of the benefit plan or we will give you your money back.

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